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2 Major Characteristic Requirements of Industrial Screen
Jul . 28 . 2021
With the rapid development of the times and the continuous progress of science and technology, if any industry has developed very fast in recent years, there is no need to think too much about the name of the industrial industry. Behind the vigorous devel
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Attention of LCD Purchasers: How to Select the Vehicle LCD?
Jul . 12 . 2021
Nowadays, the electronics industry is booming, the car LCD screen has developed rapidly in just a few years, and the choice of the car display screen has gradually evolved into a kind of knowledge, so when the project uses the car LCD screen, how to selec
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How to Detect Capacitive Multi-touch Screen?
Jul . 06 . 2021
In order to achieve multi-touch, the capacitive screen depends on increasing the electrode of mutual capacitance. To put it simply, it divides the screen into blocks, and a set of mutual capacitive modules in each area works independently, so the capaciti
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What Qualifications Do Industrial LCD Manufacturers Need?
Jun . 25 . 2021
Different types of LCD screen manufacturers need to have different qualifications, so what qualifications do industrial LCD screen manufacturers need to have?
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6 Common Adverse Phenomena of LCD Screen?
May . 28 . 2021
With the continuous development of display technology, LCD screen is favored by more and more industry terminals. Many industry terminals have a lot of questions when purchasing LCD screens. How to check whether the LCD display screen is qualified or not?
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